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Lonnie Delisle

Music Director, Choral Arranger, Conductor




Lonnie Delisle is a Vancouver-based

music director, choral conductor and choral arranger. Lonnie has vast and varied musical experience, including producing concerts, arranging music for choir and band, singing tenor on the opera stage, playing keyboards in the recording studio and conducting in the orchestra pit.

Lonnie is the artistic director of the award-nominated Universal Gospel Choir, a multi-faith, justice-oriented community choir. 


On regular occasion, Lonnie creates classical choral ensembles for special projects. He also directs music for film and theatre productions. 

Lonnie’s primary desire is that the music he produces would touch hearts and lives in positive and meaningful ways. 

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Gospel / Spiritual
It is Well with My Soul | Universal Gospel Choir (Virtual Choir)

It is Well with My Soul | Universal Gospel Choir (Virtual Choir)

It is Well (with My Soul), with lyrics by Horacio Stafford, is performed by the Universal Gospel Choir. Based on the Joe Pace rendition, this is an uplifting gospel interpretation of the traditional hymn. Arranged by Joe Pace, Adapted by Lonnie Delisle Soloists: Crescencia Goana and Rosanna Francis Piano: Michael Creber Bass: Jason Nickel Drums: Jay Esplana Guitar: Jay Leonard Juatco Produced by Lonnie Delisle Video edited by Hannes van der Merwe Audio mixed by Jay Esplana The virtual choir performance first premiered during “Midst of the Storm - A Virtual Concert From the Universal Gospel Choir” in Vancouver, Canada (June 2020). Donate Now: As a registered Canadian Charitable organization, we rely on the generous contributions of our donors and sponsors to help us bring the music and the spirit to out audiences. Like so many choirs, we are working hard to navigate through these times, when we cannot meet in person or perform live for our community. If you would like to support our message and our choir, please consider making a donation to UGC and help us spread the joy and the love through music. Now, more than ever, we need a little musical joy in our lives. Donate Now: Connect with UGC: FB - IG - Twitter - Spotify - YT - #itiswell #universalgospelchoir #ugcvancouver
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Classical Choral